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Brain-Stimulating Activities May Keep You Sharp

The clinic stands apart in going a step ahead and working with the patient’s health care team to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan. This is because of the insight that many eye conditions stem from other medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid disorder, immune systems, etc. Resources are also offered to complement the local physician’s expertise.

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Why Exercise Is Not Enough to Prevent Weight Gain

At MedicPress, we provide excellent pediatric care to children in the city and adjacent areas for about half a century now. Our medical care extends to infant, children, and adolescents. Built on a foundation of caring, expert knowledge and accessibility, we have the right size to give proper attention to both parents and children which are something that they need as well as deserve.

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Установление отцовства. Анализ ДНК в Россиии

Установление отцовства

Генетическая ДНК экспертиза представляет собой процедуру установления отцовства или материнства, в результате которой определяет биологическое родство между матерью и ребенком, или ребенком и отцом. Сущность теста основана на сравнении участков ДНК. Читать далее «Установление отцовства. Анализ ДНК в Россиии»